Go Ahead and Leave Your American Express at Home

Posted on 05/07/2011


If you were planning on taking a trip to your favorite medical marijuana dispensary and pick up your weekly meds on plastic, and you wanted to go with American Express.. well you’re in for a little surprise. That AE plastic wont slide at your pot shop! This story first developed on April 30th when The Pharmacy in Westwood, California had noticed that a handful of different American Express cards had all been refused for purchases, where the Visa and MasterCard were working with no error what-so-ever. When contacted by the dispensary, AE stated that this was their newly adopted policy, though in a turn of events; the story was taken up by Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks (TYT) who then contacted American Express and found out something is AFOOT…

Thank you American Express, maybe you’ll come around one day..

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