Today, in traffic.. 3/8/11

Posted on 03/09/2011


..there was a gopher-like appearance of our beloved Mayor and the purpose of such an occasion was the commemoration of the day, now to be known as William K. Geppert Day in recognition of his awesomeness, plus he’s a contributor to the campaigns of Bilbray, Specter, Carly and so on; the sole public comment pondered if he were to run for mayor, what he would elect to fix the very-apparent budget crisis that looms over the city.. homeless shelters being closed, debts and the poorly written contracts from which they came.. it was all very classy.

Medical marijuana again appeared as a non-agenda comment and the plead for a functionally viable ordinance for dispensaries. Asking why the issue is apparently being juggled for so long, and then the total statements regarding health and well-being at hand.
Speaking on behalf of Wisdom Organics was Adela Falk, who examined the scenario that has left her unable to open a dispensary in the county because of a tax issuance error. Now closed twice, she drills off the heart of the matter, that she merely desires to operate by whatever convention is set forth.
From the San Diegans for Patient Rights political action committee, Craig Beresh addressed the issue of healthcare and volunteered the rigor and tedium that would be introduced by an overly restrictive ordinance. His request was indicative of the rather absurd distances required for patients to access their collective or dispensary to access their medicine.

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