March events for San Diego

Posted on 03/07/2011


Roll’em, Pack’em, and Burn’em with Sir SkunksALot

Coming up in March are a few important things for the 619
Show up, and get active in the community!

San Diego Indie Fest 7
March 12-13, 2011
NTC Promenade at Liberty Station, 2640 Historic Decatur Rd., San Diego, CA 92106
Schedule: Film & Music Festival
Be sure to CHECK OUT:
The CCHHI: California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012 booth, with lots of information and goodies including shirts, nug jars, and more!

San Diego City Council
March 28, 2011
Monday at 2:00 p.m. at the City Administration Building, 12th floor, 202 “C”
Schedule: Medical Marijuana Ordinance
Be sure to BE THERE!
If the proposed ordinance is supported and passes, then the standing collectives/dispensaries will have to comply with a defacto ban.

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